Welcome to 3NCIRCLE Design and Print. A home for high-quality, low-cost, design and print services. Specializing in captivating imagery, logo, and graphic design. Creating stylish advertisements, business cards, flyers, brochures, and websites through the use of a natural reflective mathematics to cultivate visual harmony.

Rates: All work is by the hour. $15 per hour for most design services.  3NCIRCLE contracts out for most printing needs but looks for the highest quality at the best price. 

All design work is done in house by Alan.

Message him directly at: AT3META@3NCIRCLE.COM 

Ask us about low cost hosting services on our dedicated server!

Mathematically Based Art Forms

3NCIRCLE D3SIGN offers art design from mathematical harmony. Pieces are designed using a natural reflective mathematics to create living works of art.


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3NCIRCLE – mandala


Began by doing graphic design for small businesses. Started out doing business cards, advertisements, and brochures. Learned to use a natural style employing reflective mathematics to create visual harmony. Found that the right use of numbers contributed to a life like quality in pictures. Numerous studies showed how math could help to convey the essence of life, and in many ways be a universal back bone for everything.